The Clovis Incident
- Sasha Solomon went looking for a job and found a body – dead.
“To Marva, Paul, Al, & Jack
Thank you.”

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This is a quirky cozy with a dab of Rod Serling thrown in. Sasha Solomon is a PR pro who is fired from her job in the book’s third sentence. Conveniently, however, she has a job interview in Clovis, NM. She goes there and stops to see a friend, her friend takes her to a dead body – and that leads to her sleuthing. While working up her prospective proposal for the Clovis Chamber of Commerce to get some of Roswell's UFO tourist dollars, she helps solve the murder.

She has hallucinations and a cat, Leo da Cat, that talks (know-it-all personality included) to her, needs to work through problems with her friend, the friend's children, local characters (and they are legion), law enforcement, Far Eastern beliefs, UFO sightings, aliens, etc. Whew! It's a memorable combination that Ms. Taichert has deftly woven together.

Clearly different from any other book I've read, The Clovis Incident seems to start slow, but smooths out as I got into the rhythm of the narrative's truly ‘breath-of-fresh-air’, first person voice. Sasha occasionally uses vocabulary not in keeping with her quirky personality, but it suits her PR consultant persona.

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November 15, 2007
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