The Belen Hitch
- Sasha Solomon went to interview an artist and found her body instead.
“To Peter, Hope, & Lily with love.”

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This is a witty cozy with a psychic and ghost for seasoning. Sasha Solomon is back with her traveling PR work, which brings her to Belen, NM. She has a new friend (an appealing woman with an interesting specialty), gets a new beau and a new opportunity to sleuth around and about. She still hits the whipped cream can for comfort food, but her hallucinations are gone and so is Leo da Catís speaking; and she is still not handling her mother's health problems very well, but her mother has a boyfriend who is an absolute gem and who calls Sasha ‘Sashala’.

Sasha's been hired to make a recommendation to the Belen mayor about two competing local plans for an old, unutilized Harvey House, where we find artists (who want a gallery) and train fans (who want a museum/bed and breakfast combo) are butting heads over the right way to go. Sasha's first interview is with an artist who happens to be an old friend of her mother's. Sasha discovers the artist's body and the who-done-it is on. By the time the book concludes, several other people have been threatened or had attempts made on their lives.

This book is full of humor. My favorite is on page 149 where Sasha is talking with a local woman who ‘knows’ the Harvey House's ghost – a quite lovely ghost as they go – and Sasha inquires about which plan the ghost would “prefer”. Local: “The bed and breakfast.” Sasha: “Why?” Local: “She gets lonely.”

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November 14, 2007
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